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In an era of rapid technological advancement, security, and efficiency have become essential elements for the success of any project. Imagine having an advanced system that allows you to control employee access to your company, surveillance cameras providing a clear view of your company, and fiber cables ensuring fast and stable connectivity. But how would you feel when faced with a technical problem in these systems? This is where the importance of hardware technical support services comes in to ensure optimal performance and operational stability.

Types of Technical Support Services

Core Technology offers a full range of technical support services specifically designed to improve the performance of hardware systems. Our services include:

Networking and IT infrastructure solutions

At Core Technology Solutions, we offer comprehensive services in network design and installation, as well as IT infrastructure establishment for companies. Our services include:

  • Network Design: We provide innovative and effective solutions to design networks that meet the diverse needs of companies, ensuring high performance and security.
  • Network Installation: We install networks using the latest technologies to ensure stable connections and high speeds.
  • Infrastructure Establishment: We offer IT infrastructure establishment services, including server installation, data centers, and cloud storage solutions.

Surveillance Systems CCTV Installing

If you want to obtain effective surveillance solutions, Core Technology is your ideal choice. We are one of the best companies for supplying and installing surveillance cameras in Egypt. We provide integrated surveillance systems installation services that guarantee the highest levels of security for companies and institutions. Our services include:

  • Needs Assessment: We analyze and evaluate site needs to determine the appropriate systems.
  • Camera Installation: Installation of high-quality cameras, including night vision cameras and smart surveillance cameras.
  • Integration and Connectivity: Connecting surveillance systems to the company’s network and ensuring integration with other systems.
  • Maintenance and Technical Support: We provide regular maintenance and technical support services to ensure the system’s continuity and efficiency.

We aim to provide comprehensive surveillance solutions that enable companies to protect their assets and effectively monitor their operations.


Fiber Networks and Cables Supply and installation

We are proud to offer comprehensive technical support services for the installation and sale of fiber cables. As one of the leading IT and fiber cable service providers in Egypt, we deliver solutions that meet all your project needs. We also provide fiber cable installation services in Egypt, Sohag, and Dakahlia with the highest level of professionalism. Rely on our expert team to supply fiber cables for a fast communication experience that enhances your company’s efficiency.

  • Analysis and Design: Analyzing the company’s needs and designing the fiber network infrastructure according to the best standards. Supply of Cables and Equipment: Providing high-quality fiber cables and all necessary equipment for network installation.
  • Installation: Carrying out the fiber cable installation process with precision and professionalism to ensure optimal performance.
  • Network Testing: Testing the network after installation to ensure speed and connection stability.
  • Maintenance and Technical Support: Offering regular maintenance services and technical support to ensure the network operates efficiently.

Our goal is to enhance the IT infrastructure of companies by providing fiber network solutions that ensure fast and reliable connections, boosting business efficiency.


Core Technology Your Best Choice for Technical Support

When it comes to technical support services for hardware, Core is your ideal choice. We are the most prominent Internet services and fiber cable companies in Egypt, which has placed us at the forefront of companies that help institutions and establishments in providing all technical needs. Here are the reasons why you should choose Core to be your partner in success:

Extensive Experience in Hardware
Core Technology boasts extensive experience in network and fiber cable installation, guaranteeing the best service with the highest quality. Our team of specialists and technicians is trained on the latest tools and technologies to ensure network systems' installation and maintenance meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality.
Wide Range of Products and Technical Services
We help you by providing all types of internet wires, including Cat 6 and Cat 5e, to meet all your business needs. We also offer fiber cable installation services, ensuring fast and stable connectivity that enhances your business performance.
Innovative Advanced Solutions
Using the latest fiber optic technologies in Egypt, we can provide innovative solutions that guarantee exceptional performance and stable communications. Whether you want to install new networks and fiber cables or update existing ones, Core Technology provides solutions that effectively meet all your needs.
Exceptional Customer Service and Technical Support
At Core Technology, we offer exceptional customer service and technical support. Our team is available around the clock to ensure your business continuity and quickly resolve any technical issues you may encounter with the highest quality.
Trusted Market Reputation
Our company enjoys a good reputation in the internet and fiber cable services market in Egypt, along with access control and surveillance camera services. Thanks to our commitment to efficiency and high-quality work, we have earned the trust of our customers.

Choosing Core Technology means investing in a reliable partner who can provide comprehensive solutions that support and improve your business’s efficiency. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a technical support experience that guarantees you excellence and broadens your brand’s reach.

Best Surveillance Camera Installation Companies in Egypt

There are many surveillance camera installation companies in Egypt, but when it comes to the safety and security of your company, Core Technology stands out as the best and is your first choice. We provide integrated solutions that meet all your security needs:

Market Understanding and Customized Solutions Whether for small homes or large companies, our specialized team of experts and technicians excels in installing and maintaining surveillance cameras.

Installation of High-Resolution Cameras Including night vision and smart surveillance cameras, guaranteeing precise monitoring and sustainable protection throughout the day.

Advanced Internet and Network Cables Ensuring fast and stable connections, leading to effective installations and excellent surveillance system performance

Professional Installation and Regular Maintenance Guaranteeing continuous high-quality operation.

Use of Latest Technological Tools Ensuring the best performance and image quality.​

Customized Camera Installation Tailored to each client's specific requirements, from simple systems to advanced ones, ensuring the highest security levels.

If you want to work with the best surveillance camera installation company, Core Technology is your ideal choice. Join our team for a security experience that ensures safety at every moment.

Conclusion In a world where technology and security levels are rapidly advancing, Core Technology is the perfect partner to meet all your hardware technical support needs, whether for network solutions, surveillance cameras, or fiber cables. We offer the best service with the highest quality. Benefit from our expertise now to improve your business performance and achieve complete security.

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